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For a deeper tan.

Tanning Activator

125 ml
€ 18,24 per 100 ml Includes sales tax under law , Plus shipping costs
ECOCERT bio cosmetic
For a deeper tan.

Tanning Activator

125 ml
€ 18,24 per 100 ml Includes sales tax under law , Plus shipping costs
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Enjoy a real holiday feel with a healthy summer tan. The newly formulated RINGANA Tan Activator is an intelligent after-sun care product with special ingredients that deepen your tan. It has a delicate coconut fragrance, is quickly absorbed, and feels pleasant on the skin. It provides ideal care after sunbathing and maximises your tan. St. John's wort extract, aloe vera and anti-inflammatory liquorice root soothe and care for sun-stressed skin.

Skin type 1 2 3 4

Skin type 1: oily skin
Oily shine on the face, large pores, frequent skin impurities and inflammation.

Skin type 2: normal / mixed skin
Shiny zones on chin, nose, and forehead. Slight tendency to large pores.

Skin type 3: skin that tends to dryness
Dry, low-moisture skin with frequent feeling of tension after cleansing. Fine pore appearance. Tender, thin corneal layer that flakes easily. Tendency to wrinkle prematurely.


Skin type 4: extremely dry skin
Long-term dryness. Strong feeling of tension, especially after cleansing. Severe flaking. Dryness wrinkles, especially around the mouth, eyes, and neck.

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RINGANA Tanning Activator is the ideal, yearround body care product for people who want a fast-absorbed, non-greasy, delicately tanning body milk with high aloe vera content. Unlike tanning in the sun or tanning studio, neither wrinkles nor skin cancer are a risk here.


Selected active ingredients: Cuckooflower Oil, Erythrulose, St. John’s Wort Extract, Liquorice Root

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Smart Tip

The tan achieved with the Tanning Activator does not protect against UV rays. When sunbathing you should always also apply RINGANA Sun Protection Balm.

Correct Use

Apply the Tanning Activator evenly after sunbathing. The non-streaky and gentle tan is visible after around 4 days, remains for a couple of days and then fades in the course of the natural skin regeneration cycle, if the product is not reapplied.

ECOCERT bio cosmetic
The ideal supplement
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Sun Protection Balm SPF 20
Protects and cares for the skin in the sun. 125 ml
Skin type 1, 2, 3, 4
€ 36,70
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CAPS sun
Antioxidant, specially for smokers and sun exposure. 90 capsules
€ 54,90
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Exfoliating scrub
Refines the complexion. 125 ml
Skin type 1, 2, 3
€ 38,60
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