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Package sets

The Concentrated Power: Our Sets

Every one of our formulas is a masterpiece in and of itself. Because we have selected and combined for you only the best of the best. Because RINGANA PACKS hold countless plant-based antioxidants, amino acids, and phospholipids. Our sets offer food supplements in concentrated power.
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PACKS ABC, Set of 3
3 each of PACKS antiox, balancing, and cleansing. The ABC of nutrition. 3120 g
€ 423,70
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1 each of PACK antiox, balancing, and cleansing. The ABC of nutrition. 1040 g
€ 146,00
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1 each of PACK antiox, balancing, and d-etary. 1040 g
€ 173,10
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PACKS ABD, Set of 3
3 each of PACKS antiox, balancing, and d-etary. 3120 g
€ 498,50
The concept

Food supplements with unparalleled power

The human organism is infinitely complex and wonderful. In order for the body to stay healthy as long as possible, it requires vital elements every day. RINGANA's fresh PACKS are food supplements of high efficiency which, combined with a balanced and healthy diet, provide the body with more energy, equilibrium and vitality.


Edible plants, with all of their wonderful substances, have been proven to be the most important pillar of a healthy lifestyle. This is the first secret of the RINGANA PACKS: The natural food supplements consist entirely of phytoactive fruits, vegetables, and herbs.


RINGANA PACKS consists valuable vitamins, minerals, trace elements, important nutrients and secondary botanical substances. They support the organism during its daily tasks and can guarantee a balanced, comprehensive all-around provision. RINGANA PACKS are the basic providers.


The formulas of the food supplements combine the latest scientific knowledge with ancient wisdom (e.g., ayurveda and Hildegard medicine influences). To make sure that the precious ingredients from the fruits and vegetables are preserved as much as possible,


Freshly harvested fruits and vegetables are freeze-dried protectively in their entirety. This yields the optimal amount of vital substances, since the procedure is so mild that even the fruits' cell structures remain intact. There is no heat damage, no loss of accompanying substances.

RINGANA PACKS, that's why!

Home-grown, exotic and unique

They have sonorous names such as quinoa and baobab. The RINGANA PACKS includes these and many other home-grown and exotic plants. Their effect can hardly be surpassed: Strengthening the immune system, stimulating happiness hormones, or boosting the sense of well-being. With RINGANA PACKS, the body simply gets its daily portion of vital elements - precisely balanced and without overdosing.



Vitamins from natural sources.
In contrast to typical nutritional supplements, the vitamins in the RINGANA PACKS come from natural sources, which enhances their absorption and effect on the body many times over.

High dosage.
RINGANA PACKS contain the strongest known antioxidants (e.g., OPC, coenzyme Q10, etc.


), alkalines, essential amino acids, phospholipids, and many more.

Incomparable freshness.
Fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs (from organic sources where available) according to the RFD® principle, with all of their natural accompanying substances.


Highly compatible.
By avoiding gelatins, wheat, yeasts, and milk products, and other known allergens, as well as binders and chemical additives. Free of genetically modified substances. Free of preservatives, dyes, and flavorings.

Living, energetic food.
With high levels of active agents and a complete, broad spectrum of active ingredients.


No risk of overdose.

Simple, easy-to-use, and great tasting assortment.


Holistic philosophy.
The RINGANA PACKS represent a holistic approach. Their formulas combine, for the first time, the latest scientific knowledge with ancient wisdom (e.g., Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, traditional European medicine).


Simple portioning.
Portioned packages allow precise dosing and long-lasting freshness and effectiveness without preservatives.

RINGANA PACKS are 100 % vegetarian.

How can I use RINGANA PACKS?

The daily ABC of healthy nutrition

It can be so simple. You can supply the body with everything it needs with the holistic RINGANA ABC concept. Ideally the RINGANA PACKS are used daily for a basic supply.


Here are the different kinds of RINGANA PACKS at a glance:

A as in Antiox
The most powerful antioxidants and concentrates from numerous valuable "super fruits" help in the battle against free radicals and premature aging.

B as in Balancing
This restores the acid/bases balance.


C as in Cleansing
For the first time, natural digestion without laxatives.

D as in D-etary
The new sensational mix of high-quality ingredients to simplify weight control.


E as in Energy
The optimal provision for the body with high-quality proteins and amino acids is the foundation of physical performance capacity and energy.


Shake it, shake it, shake it - it doesn't get any easier than this

The high amount of ingredients in the fresh PACKS won't fit into any capsule: That is why RINGANA decided on PACKS. You mix the contents of one pouch with water and drink it. That's all. You can also indulge in some extra fun by using the special RINGANA shaker!


Some vital elements are broken down very quickly in the body. In order to ensure the optimal effect, it is best to take the different RINGANA PACKS throughout the day. Of course they can also be enjoyed individually.

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