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T&Cs for suppliers


1. General

All of our purchases and orders are governed solely by the following
terms of purchase. We explicitly contradict any conflicting terms or restrictions. Any alterations or variations to our terms shall only be legally binding in an individual case if we explicitly agree to these alterations or variations in writing. The
acceptance and/or execution of our order is deemed to be a recognition of these terms of purchase.

2. Quotations / Order

In the quotation, the vendor/supplier must adhere strictly to our request; any variations
and/or additions must be indicated explicitly in writing. Quotations are always free of charge
and non-binding upon us. Only orders placed in writing are legally binding upon us.
Orders made verbally/by telephone must subsequently be confirmed in writing as otherwise they shall be ineffective. Unless a different validity is stated separately in the quotation, the vendor/supplier shall be bound by its quotation for 14 days from the date the quotation is received.

3. Price

The prices listed in our orders are, unless something to the contrary has been explicitly agreed in writing, fixed prices and include duty-free packaging, transport costs/charges free domicile. If not specified separately, the rate of VAT that applies at the time of delivery shall be added to the prices. If the prices are set out in a foreign
currency and if after the order has been placed the agreed unit of currency appreciates in value by more than 3%, we shall be entitled either to cancel the order or to reduce it to a different quantity. Objections to our order must be made in writing within 5 working days; if no objection is made, this shall be deemed to be a recognition and confirmation of the order.

4. Invoice / Payment

Payment must be made within the deadlines specified on the order. If no deadline is specified,
invoices shall be due for payment within 30 days of receipt of the invoice, but not before receipt of the goods, delivery of the service and acceptance. We shall be entitled to offset claims that we have against the vendor/supplier. The vendor/supplier shall not be entitled without our consent to assign debts that it accrues with us to third parties or to offset claims with its own debts. If any defects exist, we shall be entitled to withhold our payment entirely until any defects have been corrected. Invoices which do not meet our stipulations, in particular do not contain a reference to the order or to the service provided (i.e. lack of our order number, our item number, service period, service note etc.) and therefore cannot be assigned to the order, shall not be due and shall be returned unprocessed. In this case, the invoices shall be deemed not to have been issued until the correctly issued invoices are received.

5. Delivery Period / Quantity

The agreed delivery periods are deemed to be legally binding and must be fully adhered to by the vendor/supplier. The delivery period shall commence on the date on which the vendor/supplier receives the order and is considered to be met when the ordered item/service arrives and is handed over in full and undamaged by the date and at the place specified in the order. We shall only accept earlier deliveries or partial deliveries following prior approval in writing. If the agreed delivery date is missed, we shall be entitled at our choice either to set a period of grace and to insist on completion of the order, or to withdraw from the contract without setting a period of grace. In the case of withdrawal, we shall be entitled to make a covering purchase with the alternative supplier that has the goods available soonest. If this substitute product is of a higher quality than agreed or if an alternative product has to be purchased due to urgency, the vendor/supplier must pay all the resulting additional costs, including follow-up costs. The vendor/supplier shall be obliged to pay a strict penalty of 3% of the value of goods for each day of the delay, but no more than 10%. The penalty shall be offset against the claim for delivery. Notwithstanding this, we shall be entitled to claim costs for the entire proven damage that exceeds this. The vendor/supplier shall be liable to us for any damage and disadvantage resulting from the failure to meet delivery periods, conditions, shortfalls or variant qualities, even if this is through no fault of its own. The measurements/values which we record always determine the quantity to be delivered. If an additional quantity is delivered, we explicitly reserve the right to return the goods at the vendor's/supplier's expense. If the vendor/supplier is prevented from meeting the agreed delivery periods due to an unexpected event such as an interruption to operations, it shall be obliged to inform us about these impediments and their expected duration. It shall be up to us to decide whether to maintain the contract or to withdraw from the contract at no cost to us. Confirmations of the receipt of goods or invoices that have already been paid do not constitute a definitive recognition of a proper delivery.

6. Properties of the Goods/Service

The vendor/supplier guarantees that the goods/services supplied correspond to the applicable legal provisions, regulations, guidelines, in particular the ordinance on the protection of employees (accident prevention regulations, etc.), the CE regulations, the relevant norms as well as the recognised rules of science and engineering. In addition, where services are provided at our plants, the vendor/supplier shall be obliged to adhere to the safety regulations applicable at the respective location. The vendor/supplier shall further be obliged to enclose with each delivery analysis certificates relevant to the delivery in full, correct and in accordance with the relevant regulations. This only applies if the delivery of the analysis certificates was not requested by us in advance by electronic means (e-mail, fax). The vendor/supplier shall fully indemnify us and hold us harmless against all damages and disadvantages resulting from a failure to comply with the stated regulations or provisions above. This also applies to consequential damages, indirect damages and lost profit. The supplier does not conduct testing on animals, either at present or have any plans to do so in the future, and nor does it commission or pay for such testing. This applies to the products which are supplied to us, including recipes and ingredients.

7. Guarantee / Warranty / Liability

The goods/service are only considered to be handed over/accepted following handover/acceptance in writing at the place of performance/place of use. Any handover/acceptance takes place subject to the reservation of a proper delivery/service provision. The goods/service shall be examined by us within an appropriate deadline. When it comes to providing notification of defects, we shall not be bound to any deadlines and we shall waive the objection of a delayed defect notification. Deliveries that do not comply with the properties stipulated by us or the properties usually presumed
may be rejected by us entirely, even if the defect only relates to part of the delivery. The same also applies if only part of the goods does not comply with the corresponding regulations. The properties confirmed by the vendor/supplier are considered to be explicitly promised. If defects/errors occur within the guarantee period, the vendor/supplier shall be obliged at our choice to exchange or improve the defective goods free of charge or to reduce the price. If substantial defects exist, we shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract. In addition, the vendor/supplier shall be liable to us for any disadvantage and damage resulting from the defective delivery/service, in particular for consequential damages (due to defects) and lost profit. Claims for compensation are not limited to a certain amount. Foreclosures or limitations of liability for defective products or for consequential damages held against us shall be ineffective.

8. Reservation of Title

All deliveries to us are made free of reservations of title. The acceptance of our order by the vendor/supplier is considered to be an assurance that the delivered goods or the parts contained in them are its free, unencumbered property.

9. Packaging / Shipping / Documents

The vendor/supplier shall ensure appropriate, professional packaging and storage for shipment in accordance with the relevant provisions. By accepting the order, the vendor/supplier shall also be responsible when it comes to transportation for full compliance with any transport regulations and shall be liable for any legal consequences resulting from the failure to comply with these regulations. The vendor/supplier is further obliged either to calculate charges for or take back the packaging material arising from the delivery. At the start of the business relationship, then at the beginning of each calendar year or on first delivery, the vendor/supplier must, without being prompted to do so, provide us with the legally binding declaration to participate in the collection and recycling system, specifying the licence number, or this legally binding declaration along with the licence number must be stated on the invoices. In the absence of such a legally binding declaration, we shall be entitled to return an appropriate quantity of packaging material of the same quality based on the delivery notes either to the supplier at its expense or to hand over this quantity to an authorised waste disposal/recycling company at the supplier's expense. All deliveries are to be sent to the address stated in the order. A complete dispatch note must be provided to us for each individual consignment. If the shipping documents are not provided, the consignment shall be stored at the vendor's/supplier's expense and risk until the documents are received. The dispatch note must contain the order number (including the name of the shipping company). If these shipping terms are not complied with, the vendor/supplier shall be liable to us for any damage, disadvantage and costs such as additional freight, track storage charge, etc. If transportation is commissioned at our expense, the means of transportation prescribed by us must be used and the stated haulier/carrier must be instructed. The vendor/supplier must ensure adequate insurance of the delivery at its expense.

10. Property Rights

The vendor/supplier declares that industrial property rights of third parties shall not be infringed by any deliveries or services provided on the basis of this order. If a claim is made against us as a result of an infringement of industrial property rights related to the current order, the vendor/supplier shall indemnify us and hold us harmless.

11. Manufacturing Documents

Samples, models, drawings, plans, plates and other remedies which we provide shall remain our physical intellectual property and must be returned to us following execution of the order. The return of these remedies of execution forms part of the fulfilment of the order that has been accepted.

12. Non-Disclosure

The parties to the contract promise to regard all non-obvious commercial and technical matters that they become aware of through the business relationship as business secrets and to impose the non-disclosure obligation on their employees as well. This obligation is unlimited in time and extends beyond the end of the business relationship.

13. Place of Performance / Jurisdiction / Applicable Law / Miscellaneous

The place of performance for all deliveries and services shall, at our choice, be either the specified place of receipt or the registered office of our company. It is agreed that the exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be the competent court in the district of Graz Regional Court. However, we shall be entitled to assert our claims in the vendor's/supplier's general jurisdiction. The order, these terms of purchase and all claims resulting from them between us and the vendor/supplier shall be governed by Austrian substantive law to the explicit exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. If one or more clauses in these terms of purchase should be wholly or partly invalid, this shall not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions. The ineffective provision shall be replaced with an effective provision which comes closest to reflecting the commercial purpose of the ineffective provision.

14. Applicable Languages

If there are differences relating to the interpretation of a contract concluded between us and the customer in two or more languages, only the German version is legally binding. This also applies to the German version of these terms of purchase.

Last revised: 06.04.2017
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