Beauty Routine

How to look after your skin the right way

The right skin care is all-important for a radiant complexion and firm skin. We reveal the care that your skin needs in the morning and at night to achieve that.

Morning Edition


First thing in the morning, go for either FRESH cleanser or FRESH cleansing water.

Our FRESH cleanser frees the facial skin of accumulated impurities and prepares it for further care. Your skin is already being groomed and moisturised while you cleanse. Apply the FRESH cleanser with your fingers to dampened facial skin. Briefly massage in and then rinse off.

Our FRESH cleansing water contains micelles that envelop and remove accumulated dirt. This can help to minimise blocked pores and the resulting skin impurities. You can either rinse off FRESH cleansing water afterwards, or leave it on to do its work fully. The oil-free formulation of FRESH cleansing water makes it particularly good for cleansing skin that’s oily or tends to impurities.


The second step of your care routine involves our high-quality plant tonics. These are designed for different skin types: FRESH tonic calm soothes dry and normal skin. FRESH tonic pure, on the other hand, purifies oily and impure skin.

What’s the point of tonics? They restore the skin barrier’s ideal, slightly acidic environment, and help , to prepare the skin for subsequent care. Because only clarified, toned skin can really absorb active substances properly.


Serum & ADDS

Next you need to quench your skin’s thirst. Either with FRESH hydro serum or FRESH anti wrinkle serum. Both serums products lastingly hydrate, and their ingredients can penetrate ultra deeply into the skin.

An additional and ideal care booster for a youthful complexion is ADDS effect. It’s applied together with one of the serums and, thanks to its highly concentrated combination of ingredients, delivers an instant lifting effect. Used in combination with a serum, your complexion will look fresher, and it can help to prevent dryness lines. Depending on your skin’s needs, try ADDS repair as a great care booster for irritated skin, or ADDS glow glow which has an anti-pollution effect.

If you’re suffering from dark circles and puffy eyes – often a sign of stress or tiredness – FRESH eye serum also has a refreshing, depuffing and firming effect. Gently tap a small amount into your cleansed eye area and your eyes will instantly look brighter.



But that’s not all. A high-quality nourishing cream is “daily bread for the skin”. It supplies the skin not only with nourishing lipids and moisture, but also contains substances that can protect it from the stresses of everyday life and environmental influences. With FRESH cream lightmedium, and rich, RINGANA offers three basis facial creams to suit every skin requirement.


FRESH tinted moisturiser

Once you’ve laid the basis for the correct cleansing and care routine, you can work on a perfect complexion and even skin tone. FRESH creams – chosen to suit your skin type – serve as a basis facial cream, before applying FRESH tinted moisturiser or FRESH tinted moisturiser tan for a delicate tint with subtle coverage. Our tinted moisturiser is suitable for every skin type and once it has been applied, it optimally adapts to the individual skin tone. To achieve the exact shade you want, you can also mix FRESH tinted moisturiser with FRESH tinted moisturiser tan.



It is not only from the outside that you can look after your skin, however. As we all know, beauty also comes from within – as is the case thanks to our CAPS beauty & hair. They contain natural vital substances that boost beauty from within.

Let’s take a look at the clever natural talents in CAPS beauty & hair: sodium salt from hyaluronic acid reduces the visible signs of skin ageing. An extract of cell cultures from Ajuga reptans promotes full, resilient hair and leaves skin impurities no chance at all. SOD from melon extract prevents the formation of unsightly pitting on the bottom and thighs. Zinc from buckwheat germ powder supports healthy skin, hair and nail structure.

CAPS beauty & hair
Beauty from within
90 Kap.

Evening Edition


In the evening, FRESH cleanser and/or FRESH cleansing water come back into play, to remove dirt and make-up gently yet thoroughly. Because of the mild formulation, FRESH cleansing water is also ideal for the sensitive skin around the eyes, which means it’s the perfect way to remove eye make-up too.


We recommend that you expand your evening routine once or twice a week with another step of cleansing, by using the FRESH illuminating enzyme mask or FRESH scrub face & body.

FRESH illuminating enzyme mask is a gentle enzymatic exfoliation which effectively removes impurities and excess sebum from the surface of the skin. At the same time, fine lines and small wrinkles are reduced. It is also particularly good for sensitive skin. FRESH scrub face & body contains exfoliating grains from raspberry, blueberry, apricot and pomegranate, and it frees the skin of dead skin cells, while supporting skin regeneration and stimulating skin renewal.

After you’ve used our FRESH illuminating enzyme mask or FRESH scrub face & body, your skin will be perfectly primed for the next steps of grooming. Now the ingredients can penetrate more easily into the deeper skin layers.



As in the morning, next groom your skin with FRESH tonic calm or FRESH tonic pure.



Don’t forget! Our skin is thirsty at night too, and this is where FRESH anti wrinkle serum and FRESH hydro serum come in.

Tip: Treat yourself to a power mask.

Enrich one of the FRESH creams with FRESH anti wrinkle serum and ADDS effect. Apply the mask to your face and leave to work for 10 minutes. Then dab off excess product.


Was The FRESH overnight treatments are absolute musts for perfect skin care at night. FRESH overnight face treatment and FRESH overnight body treatment are two ultimate agelessness boosters for face and body. Both grooming products boost the skin’s appearance overnight. FRESH overnight face should ideally be applied three to four times a week in the evening. Use FRESH overnight body every day in the evening.

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