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Endless variety? Too much routine in your workout? Or should you have a mix of both?

What training type are you? Do you try out new exercises for every unit of training or do you prefer to stick to the basics like knee bends, etc.?

And in which way will you achieve the better results over the long term?

But does it really have to be one thing or the other to train successfully in the long term? One doesn’t have to rule out the other and that’s exactly the reason we’re revealing why variety and routine are both musts for sport::


Plus points for routines

+ Same time, same place

The message is already contained in the headline: in this case, routine is great because it’s plannable. And those who include training in their weekly planning are more likely to stick to it because, after a while, it will become a habit. So you’ll just have to make your apologies to your weaker self – you already have something to do

++ Gymbuddies forever <3

You want more than just fixed training times? Then find a partner for your workout. That will make it much harder to avoid your next workout because it’s one thing to break a promise to yourself but something entirely different to let your gym buddy down.

Two other pluses of training with someone else:

➕ When you think you just can’t do any more, you can still manage one more repetition – because you’re more likely to surpass your limits with a training partner.

And in the event that you’re more of a lone wolf when it comes to workouts, we have a little gym buddy for you: RINGANA SPORT push – will equally push you beyond your limits.

➕ Apart from that, you can constantly encourage each other and motivate one another with new training Input.

+++ No excuses, no quitting!

Stick to your exercises – even if you’re reaching your personal limits. Don’t give up! Instead, perform the movement slowly and cleanly. Start off using less weight and gradually increase it. The same goes for the number of repetitions. Everything’s allowed – except giving up! After a couple of units, you’ll see that it’s already getting easier.

One small tip: if you see that you can easily perform 10–15 repetitions, it’s time to up the weight or intensity.


Plus points for more variety

+ Mix it!

Now and again, it’s good to try something new: there are so many different courses – functional training, yoga, Pilates, aerobics – just pick one, it’s entirely up to you. What have you always wanted to try out?

Doing different movements also means the muscles are stimulated in a new way. On top of that, you will learn new exercises that you can integrate into your next training session.

The extra plus: working out in a group not only means double the fun and stamina but also offers you the chance to make new friends.

++ What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Really try to reach your personal limit at each training session. At the same time – be reasonable: you don’t want to collapse but your muscles should feel that they need to grow so that they will be able to cope better with this challenge the next time around.

+++ You are what you eat.

Who would have thought it! Diet naturally plays an important role and, as you may have guessed, that diet should of course be very varied.

Because a one-sided diet often leads to malnutrition which can manifest itself in the shape of poor skin, brittle nails, hair loss or even concentration problems and mood swings.


Combine a balanced diet with sport to achieve your dream figure and you can wave goodbye to monotonous dieting with a clear conscience.


No matter whether you use them only once or on an ongoing basis – these two RINGANA buddies will light a powerful fire under you.

RINGANAchi__  This fruity and fiery combination of pineapple and ginger is both stimulating and refreshing.

RINGANA SPORT go Plant extracts such as chili and ginger deliver a slow-release soothing and warming effect that will help your muscles to relax after training.


Do you need more motivation?

Then this blog article should be of burning interest to you. 💡

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