Care Tips for Athletes

Do yourself a favour after your workout.

We usually feel better after we’ve done some sport – be it a good workout at the gym, winning a tennis match beneath the blazing sun or adrenaline-charged canyoning through gorges and water courses. That high comes from endorphins, which are secreted when we do sport.

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It usually takes around 28 days for the epidermis – our outer layer of skin – to be renewed completely. With physical exertion and the heat that it generates, the skin circulation and its oxygen supply are boosted. More oxygen and nutrients in the blood lead to better cell growth. This results in a faster cell renewal rate. With regular training, the skin gets younger! The improved circulation ensures the better elimination of dead skin cells and free radicals.

All athletes can do themselves some good
with these RINGANA care products.


# 1 Protect your skin from the sun

Whatever outdoor sport you choose, the right sun protection is absolutely essential. Which is why you should always have FRESH sunscreen at the ready – and the handy 50 ml version   (FRESH sunscreen pocket) will fit into any sports bag. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to exposed parts of the body such as nose, ears, the nape of your neck and your shoulders. Waterproof FRESH sunscreen offers the advantage that the protective film is also sweat-resistant.

#2 Take a shower

After an exhausting workout, we look forward to a well-deserved shower. However, the body still needs a little time to sweat a bit more – to scale back its increased sweat production. So you should wait 15–20 minutes before getting into your eagerly awaited shower. But waiting for too long also entails problems: the longer you wait to take a shower, the longer bacteria have time to spread. This is the best breeding ground for annoying spots. Furthermore, a very hot shower isn’t a good idea either: hot water washes lipids and fats off the skin’s surface, drying it out. Our tip for your shower after sport: FRESH body wash cleanses the body thoroughly, supplies moisture, and refreshes.


#3 Moisturisation is everything

The most important body care after sport is ensuring plenty of moisturisation because we lose it when we sweat. The ideal care product here is our rich FRESH body milk which was specially developed for the needs of dry skin.

#4 Deodorant after sport

Because our pores are open, products penetrate deeper into the skin and can cause irritation. With deodorant, it’s therefore best to go for gentle varieties that don’t contain alcohol or parabens. The ideal choice is FRESH deodorant. It protects against unwanted odours entirely without questionable aluminium salts and promotes the skin’s natural sweat-regulating function.

#5 Do your tired feet a favour

Whether they’re running or hiking – athletes put their feet under a lot of pressure. This short care programme works real wonders. First off: a relaxing 37 º C foot bath. Then using gentle pressure, apply FRESH foot balm with circular motions. Put on a pair of cotton socks and jump into bed. Your feet will be grateful.

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