Carmen’s success story

My RINGANA story

 I’ve been running for 10 years. For a long time hitches repeatedly occurred here and there. None of the isotonic drinks, protein shakes and over-sugared gels were doing me any good. I regularly had big slumps when I ran half-marathons – 10-kilometer distances. Then there was the sleeplessness after intensive training and I had problems with my digestion. I even started making my own drinks and food because the right products simply weren’t available in the market. But it was enormously difficult to get the mixture exactly right.

The RINGANA products came into my life for the first time. With the PACKS 1 day I immediately realised that I could do more. And my love of running noticeably increased. From then on, nature and attentiveness were my constant companions. My running mates wondered where I had suddenly got all the energy. And my performance continuously improved as well.

Living life in the here and now…

In the meantime, running had gone onto the back burner. We started a family and are the proud parents of two children. I slowly started running again. And RINGANA products once again came into my life. Since the formulation of the ABCs has been improved, I am once again a total fan. Taken daily they are a little bit of wellness for me in a daily life taken up with two small children, work, household, etc. Then a RINGANA consultant invited me to a sport presentation. That was when I first heard about the RINGANA SPORT products. I wanted to try them out straight away. And what can I say: I am thrilled! Simply WOW! It’s… another dimension…a whole new league! I think people have to try them for themselves. There’s no way to describe them properly…

To date, I have never come across any other comparable product. I enjoy running even more now. I can manage long runs with great passion, even though I often don’t have the time for this kind of training. Small effort, huge performance. I feel really well and it’s simply pure pleasure. There are no performance slumps anymore, no digestion problems anymore, and at night I sleep like a log – even after intensive training. Regeneration is perfect as well with the PACK energy. In short, I could run and run and run… and in harmony with nature, vegan and full of energy.

Now my running mates are once again wondering how I can be so energetic – small children, work, household, running …. I’ll tell all you sport lovers: PACKS 1 day, PACK energy, RINGANA SPORT boost and RINGANA SPORT push, passion, trust in nature, and pure joy!

I’d originally postponed it for a couple of years from now, but now I’ve already got my sights set on achieving my big goal as early as next year: taking part in the Jungfrau Marathon. With the RINGANA products I’m really looking forward to tackling this challenge. Living life in the here and now, with passion – and with my eye on a goal.

Carmen, from Switzerland

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