Don’t let later become never

Get a grip on your (weaker) self!

You’ve already had it on your mind for ages … and you’ve intended to do something soooo often to boost your fitness … but then your weaker self pipes up with excuses! We reveal 5 reasons why you should start doing sport now.


It’s a beautiful day

Autumn is the best season to start doing sport. Finally temperatures have dropped to a tolerable level. When the weather’s like this, it’s so much easier to take the first steps of training, and there’s less pressure on your cardiovascular system as well. If you want to do even more for the health of your heart, supplement your diet with RINGANA CAPS pump. Selected nutrients such as Q10 cell enzyme and calcium can make a positive contribution to lowering blood cholesterol values, protecting against hardening of the arteries.



During the cooler months, one of the biggest risks we face is catching a cold. However, if we do sport, we reduce the risk of being bed-bound. Regular, moderate movement supports physical performance – particularly endurance sports such as running, Nordic walking, cycling or hiking. If we still get a cold – the symptoms are less severe than for people who don’t exercise. Thanks to this athletic activity (especially in the fresh air) the number of the immune system’s defensive cells rises significantly. 

How to get an extra boost: Selected vitamins and secondary plant-sourced active ingredients and a special combination of Asiatic herbal mushrooms in the RINGANA CAPS immu additionally boost our defences. The herbal mushrooms in this product have been used for over 1,000 years in traditional Chinese medicine. They are known to have a positive effect on the immune system.




Don’t worry, be happy

Movement in the fresh air, in particular, has another advantage for our health: those of us who tend to suffer from autumn or winter blues during this part of the year should practice sport outdoors wherever possible, while the sun is still emitting some rays. That can help to prevent depression. If you need some additional help from nature, try CAPS moodoo which boost the mood and have a calming effect thanks to their ingenious combination of active ingredients. Indian basil (also known as tulsi) has a soothing effect on the nervous system and psyche. Schisandra is valued in alternative medicine as an adaptogen which means it is said to help the body to better adapt to stress situations. Saffron provides better mental balance, increasing the body’s serotonin levels which may help to lift the mood.









Jumping for joy – and firmness

Lots of movement doesn’t just build your muscles – your connective tissue is really “exercised” as well. By exercising regularly, our circulation is improved and collagen production stimulated. Collagen is a protein that is responsible for the firmness of the connective tissue and accounts for most of the body’s proteins. A mix of strength and endurance training is ideal for getting connective tissue into shape – and as a reward, there’s also a visual benefit – firm skin 😉

But it isn’t only with regard to sport that you should be pumping it out. You can achieve a great deal with the right care as well. Together with narcissus and poppy extract, the caffeine in RINGANA Body Toning_ _pro delivers new elasticity and combats cellulite. Glycoin and pennywort extract firm up and smooth. And an additional bonus: this body serum is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin lastingly hydrated and with fresh elasticity.



Eat well!

Those who think that sport is only about building muscle, stamina and burning fat are mistaken. Regular movement really gets the digestive system working. Just 30 minutes of moderate movement every day is enough to feel the benefits. Another fundamental element of good digestion is a diet with plenty of roughage. Roughage (or fibre) is the indigestible parts of what we eat. Once they reach the large intestine they soak up water, swell up, and thus stimulate intestinal activity. That is why increased liquid intake is very important. In addition, pH values in the intestine are lowered, making it less vulnerable to bacteria that cause illness. Plus point: because you are drinking lots of water, and thanks to its filling effect, roughage will also help you to lose weight 😉

Lighten up: Simply take a daily sachet of RINGANA PACK cleansing with roughage such as lemon fibre, konjac root, oats, acacia and baobab, and your roughage-rich diet is secured.


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