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Interview with RINGANA sport model Sinah Diepold

Hello Sinah. Tell us, were you always so good at sports?
I’ve done sport all my life. After finishing secondary school I studied sport science and trained as a professional dancer. In New York my training include Ballet Barre fitness. Fantastic exercise for people who work in offices.

What tip would you give people who want to make sport a bigger part of their lives?
Get together with friends, go to outdoor events in your local area, and avoid large, anonymous gyms. Look for a small studio instead, where you’ll get personal attention. Sport is so much more than just a means of burning calories.

»  I want to give my body positive energy with a clear conscience. «

How did you come to modelling?

When I was 14, I started modelling in the photo love stories in Bravo magazine. I’m too short to be a fashion model. But then I discovered that there are also sport models who are booked for their athletic skills. For me, these are yoga and dancing.

What does your eating plan look like?

I don’t believe in diets and bans. You have to be aware of what your body needs. With fresh products and RINGANA’ s superfoods, I can give my body positive energy with a clear conscience.

What are your favourite RINGANA products?

I was recently on a photo shoot in Norway where, for example, I still had to go up the mountain at night. So I often reached for RINGANA SPORT push or RINGANAchi__. Both gave me positive strength, without any drop in performance afterwards. After an exhausting day like that, I also like treating myself to a care pampering programme with RINGANA FRESH COSMETICS.



» For me, sport and art are the purest forms of communication. «

Your blog is called xploreyourfit: what has your experience of social media been like to date?

I was sceptical at first. I’m not a fan of narcissism and superficial self-presentation. In the meantime, however, I’ve had some very positive experiences. I write honestly from the heart, and I want to inspire people, and be a positive, natural role model – far removed from the craze for slimming and any other extremes. I think more and more users are looking for authentic content. It’s not only about “liking” a picture. We’re living in very crazy times but for me, sport and art are the purest forms of communication because you can’t fake either of them.

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