Fight your weaker self

RINGANA CEO Andreas Wilfinger talks about the development of his sport products.

What sparked off the idea of RINGANA
With us, lots of our ideas have a personal background. My life companion Ulla and I enjoy practising sport in our free time. One day Ulla was too exhausted to complete a mountain bike tour, and had to stop just 200 metres before reaching the cross at the summit. Instead of simply accepting this “defeat”, we started to research natural ways of boosting performance. The result is RINGANA SPORT.

Pure ingredients. Genuine effect.

How is RINGANA SPORT different from other products for athletes?
In conventional sport products, raw products of inferior quality are usually used, and then enriched with synthetic sweeteners and flavourings. In addition, for each individual sport there are often countless products for achieving the desired performance. We offer a solution with just 3 products. But those three are of the best quality, with highly effective
active ingredients, and they’re perfectly coordinated with each other.

Why are antioxidants so important for athletes?
Because we take in more oxygen when we practice sport, we are subject to “oxidative stress”. More cell-damaging free radicals are produced than normal. That is why it is particularly advisable for athletes to take additional “radical scavengers” in the form of antioxidants.

Is sport as healthy as we believe?
Absolutely! It is dangerous to avoid sport altogether. I am familiar with studies showing that a lack of movement can have as negative effect on longevity as smoking. Sport is the pillar of our health. However, it is important to avoid extremes, to listen to our bodies, and to observe phases of regeneration. Health is the mother of performance.

With RINGANA SPORT you can fight your weaker self.

What was your most important finding when you
were developing RINGANA SPORT?
With the right products, we can fight our weaker
selves. With RINGANA SPORT push and 
RINGANA SPORT boost, the benefits are instantly available.
The body performs better straight away, and we feel
the urge to get moving.

What is the ideal dosage for amateur athletes?
It varies from person to person. Some people are happy with two capsules of RINGANA SPORT push and a sachet of RINGANA SPORT boost, while others may prefer six capsules and two sachets. You should start with a low dosage and find out what suits you best.

What is your personal experience of RINGANA
SPORT push and boost?
Our performance has increased by up to 100 per cent for most types of sport. And we are absolutely in tune with the times – that’s confirmed by the enormous increase in turnover and the huge demand from professional athletes.

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