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Getting sporty by the lake

Once the temperature starts rising and the days get longer, athletes and nature lovers start heading outdoors. There are sport-mad cyclists, joggers and walkers everywhere, and our local lakes are full of life again. The best time to try something new is when the weather’s good. It’s a great way of getting spring and summer off to a fit, motivated start.


There are quite a few ways that you and your friends can have plenty of sporting fun – particularly around lakes. The advantages: doing sport outdoors makes the experience far more intense and diverse. We reveal which sports are most fun outdoors – even for beginners – and give you a couple of tips for having a really fantastic day beside the lake.


5 tips for spending a day beside
a lake

#1 Frisbee
Nearly everybody knows and loves frisbees. What’s handy is that a frisbee fits in every backpack or bag, and you can play with children, friends, or even your dog. If you find normal frisbeeing too boring, you can round up a couple of sport-loving friends and try “Ultimate Frisbee” for a change. Ultimate Frisbee is a fast team sport where the objective is to throw the frisbee to one of your team members standing in the opposing end zone. This team sport can get pretty exciting, and the challenges here are precise throwing and speed.

You’ll get pretty thirsty playing this game, so our electrolyte drink RINGANA SPORT boost is indispensable. This thirst-quencher will supply your body with liquid and you’ll perform at your best. Keep it in the RINGANA SPORT bottle, made of high-quality stainless steel, and your drink will stay cool and refreshing for hours. To be kind to the environment, the bottle is made of the best stainless steel and it is THE sustainable alternative to PET, plastic and aluminium bottles. In addition, our drinking bottle has an enormously long useful life and because it isn’t coated inside, it’s also extremely hygienic.

#2 Ride a longboard
A longboard has wider wheels than a classic skateboard, and a long board. That’s why the risk of injury on a longboard is far lower than on a skateboard. You need a good sense of balance and patience to learn and practice how to glide elegantly in sweeping curves. If you’re not in the right shape for this, work on your general fitness beforehand and do some balance exercises before your first try on the longboard.

#3 Boating

Fancy something a bit quieter? Or maybe you need a change of perspective? Then boating in all its varieties might be just the ticket! Kayaks, pedalos or rowing boats can be hired at many lakes. It will make you use your entire body, while letting your mind relax on the water.

That way, you can enjoy a different view of the shore from the water, for a change. So that you don’t get sunburn on your first outing, make sure you have FRESH sunscreen SPF 20 in your backpack. The waterproof and nano-free FRESH sunscreen SPF 20 uses natural mineral sun protection filters which makes it perfect for anybody who wants to avoid synthetic UV filters.


So cool:
Our FRESH cooling spray will help in hot weather and provides pleasant refreshment for heavy, tired legs.

#4 Slacklining
Slacklining provides excellent training both for your sense of balance and your muscles. Simply stretch out the thin webbing strip between two trees and you’re all set. Since the line never stays still, your muscles have to do a lot of work. For your first attempts, we recommend that you position the line no higher than 30 to 40 centimetres above the ground. When the weather’s fine, you can get together with friends and family and easily combine a little movement with a cosy gathering. You’re sure to have plenty of fun with this sport.

#5 Skiking
Every heard of skiking? If you like inline skating but want a little more verve, you’ll love it. Skiking is a kind of inline skating with sticks – a kind of cross-country skiing for spring and summer. The bigger rollers mean that you can use them both on asphalted roads and on rough terrain. To start off, we recommend you use a helmet as well as knee and elbow pads. So that you’re well prepared for skiking, do some work to strengthen your legs, and some balance exercises. This sport is great for promoting well-coordinated movement.

Enjoy your day at the lake!

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