Goodbye, sweat!

Goodbye B.O.!

Summer is here, and so is the heat. Scorching temperatures of over 30 °C and one tropical night after the next sometimes give us the feeling that we never stop sweating. At moments like that, we all long for a cool dip or at least a shady spot under a tree.



As we know, sweating regulates our body temperature. The fluid we release evaporates on the skin, thus cooling it. There are up to four million sweat glands spread across our body. Most of them are in our armpits, the inside of our elbows, on our palms and the soles of our feet. Normally, we lose up to one litre of fluid per day, but when it’s hot or if we physically exert ourselves, that figure can rise enormously. What many people don’t know: fresh sweat doesn’t smell. The odour that many people find unpleasant is only created when skin bacteria start breaking up the fatty acids excreted with the sweat.


Summer is the time when we most want reliable protection against body odour. There are many different options here, from spray deodorant, to roll-on and sticks. Cream deodorants are now becoming a popular alternative as well for many people. Naturally, the differences lie not only in the way the deodorants are applied but, most importantly, in their effect.


Deodorant vs. antiperspirant

A deodorant covers up the odour, but doesn’t prevent sweating. Antibacterial substances reduce the number of odour-forming bacteria. Antiperspirants on the other hand – as the name suggests – start working before sweat is formed in the first place. They promise dry armpits over a longer period of time, and thus also prevent body odour. This works because of the aluminium salts they contain, which narrow the sweat channels. Because of the possible harmful effects of aluminium salts on humans, however, antiperspirants now have a bad name. Because they contain this questionable substance, they are suspected of promoting the formation of breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, and are said to cause nerve damage. The terms commonly used for aluminium are aluminium chlorohydrate, aluminium zirconium tetrachlorohydrate, ammonium alum and potassium alum.


Why use cream deodorant?

Classic cream deodorants usually come in pots, so our own fingers can easily allow germs to get into the product. That’s not possible with FRESH deodorant. High-tech: our new FRESH deodorant is extremely hygienic thanks to its airless pump dispenser. Another major advantage is that it is very rich and nourishing. FRESH deodorant protects against undesirable body odour entirely without questionable aluminium salts and promotes the skin’s own natural sweat-regulating function. We chose the unusual form of an emulsion so that the skin is provided not only with deodorising substances but also with plant oils and natural moisturisers. They supply the sensitive underarm skin with soothing lipids. Lemon verbena, orange fruit water and sodium bicarbonate have a deodorising effect, thus preventing the formation of body odour.


How to use: Apply a small quantity of cream deodorant to clean skin and allow to dry – ideally after a shower or bath. As freshly shaved skin is very sensitive, it’s better to wait a while before applying a deodorant. FRESH deodorant is extremely effective so, usually, you only need to apply it once a day (in the morning to freshly washed armpits).



Good to know: when you switch over to a natural deodorant – remember to give your skin some time to adjust. It will start sweating “normally” again after around one to two weeks, and the natural deodorant will work accordingly. Since, of course, it’s not only our armpits that sweat, here’s a fact that will knock some of you off your feet: FRESH deodorant is also ideal as a foot deodorant!

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Nach Oben

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