It’s time for some fresh air! 💪

Fresh air is good for you. So is exercise. Let’s head out!

Spring is around the corner, and it’s making us want to get active. Make the most of your newfound energy and say goodbye to hibernation. Get off the couch and skip the stuffy gym for some outdoor action. Exercise in nature gives you new strength and puts you in a great mood. We’ve got 3 good reasons for including outdoor activities in your exercise schedule. And there’s a little challenge for you, too!

3 reasons
for choosing nature
over the treadmill:

#1 The oxygen boost
The great outdoors are simply more attractive.  There’s always something to see, hear and discover. And the scents of nature are certainly more pleasant than those of the gym. The air is fresh, and you breathe pure oxygen, which gives you a great boost for your workout. Running or hiking through beautiful scenery will make you enjoy your exercise all the more. Experiences motivate you and distract you from the physical exertion. You won’t get bored. Time spent in nature improves your well-being, helps you relax, and lifts your mood effortlessly.

#2 Uneven paths, inclines and the like
Take advantage of natural obstacles for a fun way to improve your coordination and dexterity. Steep inclines and descents require you to vary the amount of strength you’re putting into your workout and train different muscle groups. You try out entirely new movements – sometimes deliberately, sometimes instinctively. Your reflexes and response times improve. Uneven ground makes things more varied and challenges your muscles more than monotonous indoor movements can. By strengthening the muscles that are responsible for your core stability, it improves your posture and prevents back aches.

#3 Cold, wind, rain
There’s no excuse! Wind and weather don’t hurt us. Quite the contrary. The great outdoors can get a bit uncomfortable at times, but do keep in mind: regular exposure to the elements of nature improves your immune system. Weathering the storm will fortify your body’s natural defences against colds and make you less sensitive to low temperatures. Regular time out in nature is essential to your physical and mental well-being, even in “sofa weather”. There’s no bad weather, just bad gear! So don’t forget to choose the right gear: special exercise and function clothes absorb sweat and dry quickly. Cotton won’t cut it. Make sure you and your body stay dry and warm.


What happens after the oxygen boost?
Relax! Ideally, with a hot shower.
The warm water will unwind your mind and enhance your circulation. We recommend: the new RINGANA washing care products. Our mild FRESH bodywash & FRESH shampoo clean your skin gently yet thoroughly. You can use them regularly and frequently without dehydrating your Skin. If you feel tense, our RINGANA SPORT go, with mint menthol, Arnica, frankincense and ginger will soothe and energise your muscles.


Ready, steady, go:
make nature your gym…


Get outdoors: there’s parks, gardens, fields, woods. The world is yours. Need some extra inspiration and motivation for your workout? We’ve got a challenge for you. Your name = your outdoor programme.


Share your best outdoor moment with us under #RINGANAchallenge and win a fresh RINGANA package containing the new FRESH bodywash, FRESH shampoo and RINGANA SPORT go.

The competition will run until 31 March 2018. We will let the winners know about their luck in writing. By participating, you consent to the publication of your photo on Click here for the general terms and conditions of participation.

Good to go?
Let’s head out!

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