Jacqueline’s success story

My RINGANA story

As a child and teenager, I was an active judo fighter. I often had difficulties staying in my weight class. I constantly had to get myself moving and keep motivated to go running. 



I only succeeded up to a point. I was neither motivated, nor could I run very far: I was plagued by stitches, a lack of energy, and a lack of motivation. When I then decided to turn my back on judo, I was happy because it meant I didn’t have to go running any more. Now, just coming up to 30 and with a 3-year-old daughter, I have been forced to accept that no sport isn’t the solution either – and certainly not given the extra pounds I gained during my pregnancy, which I simply can’t shift without some movement. 


“No sport isn’t the solution either”


My sister introduced me to RINGANA and the fantastic RINGANA SPORT products. I really have to say it’s AMAZING! I can run and run – no stitches, no lack of motivation, and so much energy! On top of that, if you run in the morning, the people you meet then are so friendly and give you even more energy, so that you can get your day off to a motivated, successful start. With my little princess and my work as a carer of people with disabilities, I am delighted that running also helps restore my balance. Now I go running 3–4 times a week and I hope that the rest of the post-baby pounds will disappear too 😉




Jacqueline, from Carinthia

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