Off to the piste…

...and let the fun begin!

The first snowflakes have powdered our lawn white, we’re getting more and more excited about Christmas Eve, and preparations for the chilly months are well in hand. We’re sure that some of you spend all summer dreaming of just one thing: a freshly prepared ski piste, wedeling through deep snow in brilliant sunshine and the first snowplough turns on our new skis – we feel exactly the same!

But what’s the very best way of getting ourselves ready for our winter holiday, training days on the glacier and our next skiing tour? We have a few important tips for you:

Preventive exercise: power training, coordination and balance

Prevention is really important to minimise our risk of injury, and you can do it both at the gym and outside it. Exercising at home is effective too and only takes a little of your spare time. When you’re doing power training, make sure that you warm up properly first. Warmed-up muscles are stronger than cold ones, so your training will be more effective. Equally, by warming up the right way, you will avoid muscle and tendon injury. Ideally, you should warm up with a short cardio unit or do some exercise that doesn’t call for great muscular exertion. Then you can start your power and coordination training. The queen of the power exercises is the knee bend. This exercise trains a lot of different muscles and can be made more demanding if you also use barbells and weights. Or what about lunges? Great for your bottom and legs! Tip: Tighten your abdominals to achieve a training effect quicker. The balance trainer supports you when training coordination and balance.

And what else is essential for a ski workout? The tuck, of course! This helps to strengthen your thigh muscles and stabilises your trunk. You’ll find lots of other exercises and instructions on how to do them the right way on various sport websites – and you’ll be ready to start training.

#2 Endurance training so you can enjoy skiing for longer

Of course, one thing is always important when it comes to training: basic endurance. So that you can make the most of your day of skiing, it’s a good idea to train your basic endurance beforehand. How about a Nordic walking tour with a friend, or a mountain bike tour with your best pal? Or do you prefer to switch off after work and go for a jog? That’s good too! Just remember: to train your basic endurance, the exercise should be low-power but intensive.


The right diet

We often forget that the body needs more liquid when it’s cold outside. So make sure you drink lots – a good reason to drop by the après ski chalet, isn’t it? You’ll also find other tips about drinking right when doing sport in our blog article.

But before all that, breakfast is just as important. Wholegrain products and, say, muesli with fruit, supply the body with lots of energy and delay hunger pangs for longer. And what about in-between times? How about RINGANA SPORT Power Bars? You’ll find the recipe here: 



An exhausting day of skiing is over and you want to do your body a favour? Jump into the bathtub or whirlpool and enjoy yourself. That allows your muscles to relax and you’ll be fit and ready for the next day of ski action.

If you go to the sauna – remember that this extracts a great deal of liquid from the body. Be sure to listen to your body and weigh up whether a warm bath might not be a better idea

Our PACK energy delivers vegan proteins after physical effort, ensuring fast regeneration. RINGANA SPORT go cools, warms and relaxes – ideal after a tiring day on the piste and to help prevent muscular Tension.


The be-all and end-all: your outfit – eye-catching on the piste – and of course at the après ski as well!

Everything packed? Do you have your FRESH sunscreen SPF 20? Yes, the sun also shines in the mountains and it can be pretty aggressive too. So it’s important to apply sun protection to your face when skiing to prevent sunburn – be kind to your skin!.

Before you start your skiing holiday, it’s even more important to check your bindings. You can get this done at any sports shop to make sure that no unpleasant problems arise on the piste. The length of your skis and poles should be adjusted to your body size and your level of skill. And don’t forget to check your ski boots! Blisters on your feet can really spoil your fun!

FRESH foot balm provides noticeably smoother and softer skin on your feet. Perfect for after skiing. Water-resistant and breathable skiwear can be stylish. Just go shopping early enough to make sure that you catch the eye on every piste!

Do you feel ready now or have you written yourself a To Do list?

Wishing you a pleasant, accident-free winter – Break a leg!

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