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In summer, we feel a greater urge to leap into cold water. Apart from some welcome refreshment, swimming is, first and foremost, ideal whole body training for every age and the perfect outdoor sport in summer.

This unique weightlessness, stroke by stroke. We have the certainty that we are moving in a body-friendly, healthy way that is gentle on our joints. Swimming keeps us fit, boosts the body in every physical aspect – mobility, stamina, speed, coordination and strength – and at the same time, it is kind to our joints. It demands concentration and literally “forces” us to leave our everyday life behind 🙂

Just give it a try because the following points will show that swimming will definitely do you good.

#1 All-in-One

When we swim, the whole body has to work hard which means we not only boost our stamina, but even build up additional muscle. In the water, we train our upper body and legs at the same time – and we do it in flowing movements – not in an isolated way as is sadly so often the case when we use gym machines. That promotes the interaction of different muscle groups and of the entire locomotor system with the brain. And an extra plus: because water is fourteen times more resistant than air, our muscles are also challenged in a natural way – entirely without weights.

#2 Swimming makes us slim

You can burn off around 500 kcal per hour with even light swimming. If, on the other hand, you do a fast crawl and do it properly, you can lose as much as 900 (!) kcal per hour. Apart from that, heat exchange between the body and the water is only more or less in balance at exactly 26 °C. If the water is colder, the body has to mobilise additional calories to regulate its own temperature. In other words: you burn even more calories!

Extra tip: RINGANA PACK d-etary will provide you with the additional boost to reach your weight loss target. Conjugated linoleic acids are known to both obstruct fat storage and speed up the metabolism. These properties make them important allies when we are trying to lose weight while simultaneously preserving muscle mass.

#2 Swimming relaxes

And it does it in two different ways! With the right swimming technique, painful tension in the neck, shoulders and back is released thanks to the gentle pressure during swimming and your muscles are strengthened again. Secondly, when we are underwater, the world outside is suddenly a long way away. Things become wonderfully quiet and we are entirely by ourselves.

Extra tip: After sport, RINGANA SPORT go with menthol-mint, lemongrass oil, chilli and ginger will give you the ultimate sense of relaxation!


#3 Swimming makes us beautiful

The high resistance of water when we swim has a similar effect to a constant whole body massage – so our connective tissue is firmed up – automatically, and simply while we swim. This means that the body’s surface is massaged with every stroke we swim and this also helps to improve varicose veins and cellulite.

Extra tip: Get an extra boost with RINGANA Body Toning_ _pro! Caffeine and extract of narcissus and poppy deliver more firmness and effectively combat cellulite.

Good to know: never swim on a full stomach!

We probably all remember this from swimming lessons at school: never swim on a full stomach. Always bear this in mind, and leave around two hours between a heavy meal and a swim. Isotonic electrolyte drinks such as RINGANA SPORT boost are an ideal choice. Various carbohydrates such as Cluster Dextrine® and Palatinose™ provide fast, long-lasting energy that doesn’t lie heavy in your stomach. If you observe this rule, you’ll find it is easier to move in the water, and you’ll also avoid getting a stitch.

Good to know: After training is before training

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