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Misconceptions, a lack of motivation, no energy… we have plenty of reasons for not going to the gym. It’s a shame, actually, because the benefits of power training are so diverse, and they can have a positive impact on our lives. If you still haven’t found a good reason to start exercising or if you’d like a reminder of the benefits – here are 6 of the best ones:

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# increased fat burning 🔥
Losing weight while doing nothing! Admittedly, it’s not quite that easy but there’s some truth in it all the same. The muscles built up with power training need energy. This energy is burned in the form of calories which leads to higher calorie consumption. This means that if we’re always good and go to the gym, it’s much easier for our body to burn off excess fat – even on those days when we don’t exercise.

# ageless effect
Strong and mobile, throughout your life. With increasing age, our hormone balance starts to change and the proportion of muscle mass in our bodies tends to diminish. Going to the gym is the ideal way to combat that process. This will help us to stay fit and keep on performing into ripe old age because muscle-reducing processes are delayed for far longer. To achieve this effect, it’s enough to do 1 to 2 continuous and moderately intensive training units per week. These units can lead to changes that you can see and feel.

# super healthy
Power training has truly miraculous effects on our general health. The muscles we build up with weight training support our passive musculoskeletal system (tendons, ligaments, bones) which leads to fewer back or knee problems. In addition, the body’s resistance is boosted as a whole, which manifests as a strengthened immune system. To give the body additional support with regard to back or knee problems, and to strengthen the immune system even more, we recommend RINGANA CAPS move & RINGANA CAPS immu which are jam-packed with natural talents.

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# Preventing injuries
As we mentioned in the last paragraph, power training helps to make the body more resilient. This increased resilience also applies when it comes to our vulnerability to injury. There are two reasons for that: firstly the body gets strong to deal with the challenges it faces (in this case, training weight) and, on the other hand, the “buffering” muscle mass provides protection.
Basic exercises such as knee bends at moderate intensity – around 12 reps, and careful weight increase, are ideal for achieving this effect. To give the body more strength and better overall performance, we recommend RINGANA SPORT boost. This versatile carbohydrate electrolytic drink contains a sophisticated combination of active ingredients and helps the body to build muscle.

# Discipline is everything!
Discipline is one of the most important qualities to have when we want to reach our goals – whether that’s in sport or in everyday life. When it comes to training, it’s often the case that the first few weeks are the hardest and take a lot of effort. However, once we’ve got through this initial phase, exercise starts to be fun. What separates the wheat from the chaff is when we exercise even when we really don’t feel like it.

# Self-confidence
DWhat’s cool about successful power training is that you can see the results directly. Naturally, that also has an effect on our personal lives. Our posture improves, we have a more decisive gait, and our family and friends give us compliments. All of these things boost our self-confidence, helping to make us happier people.

And, lastly, a tip for beginners: A personal trainer’s know-how and the motivation they provide can be a great help when you start exercising for the first time. So, get yourself off to the gym!

“Working consistently on your body, even when you don’t really feel like it, is what makes the difference.”


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