Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning for the body

Sirtfood is not a diet but rather a very special nutritional trend. It’s about foods that activate certain enzymes in the body. These are supposed to keep the cells fit and thus even delay aging.

“Sirt” is an abbreviation of “sirtuins”

They are a group of proteins which are said to protect the body from stress. Their  advocates are led by the discoverer of sirtfood, David Sinclair, Professor of Genetics at Harvard University. He already discovered 15 years ago that with a calorie-restricted diet such as fasting, the body’s own sirtuins, that repair our cells, are activated. And this is precisely what is essential so that we stay young. To put it very simply, we can imagine it like the body’s own spring-cleaning. If we have nothing to do, we are more likely to clean the windows or wipe the shelves. 



And if the body is not constantly busy with digestion, it pays more attention to cellular cleansing. Other research in this area has shown that, apart from fasting, certain active substances in foods can activate sirtuins. These include secondary plant substances that are present in many different types of fruit and vegetables. Secondary plant substances are substances that a plant produces for its own protection but which can also have positive effects on the human cell metabolism. 

RINGANA already recognised the positive properties of these bioactive substances a long time ago and also puts this knowledge to use in many of its products such as lycopene from tomatoes, epigallocatechin gallate from green tea or curcumin from turmeric. The list of recommended foods in the sirt diet is a long one, ranging from quinoa, ginger and chia seeds to cranberries and goji berries, and also includes green tea and red wine.

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