Staying hydrated when exercising

High-quality hydration is essential to hit your personal best.

If you’re dehydrated, any exercise feels a lot harder than it really is! Almost all of us have experienced that before. But those who drink isotonic carbohydrate-electrolyte beverages during sports tend to achieve better results, especially for longer period of exercise. RINGANA SPORT boost supplies the body with a combination of different carbohydrates, such as Cluster Dextrin® and PalatinoseTM, for fast-acting, long-lasting energy.

Prepare RINGANA SPORT boost with 600 ml of water in the RINGANA SPORT BlenderBottle® for a refreshing, isotonic drink! Isotonic drinks have the same osmolality as human blood and are absorbed by the body extremely quickly. RINGANA SPORT boost improves your fluid absorption capacity and, in turn, your endurance.

Branched-chain, vegan amino acids, also known as BCCAs, supply energy and support the muscles during intensive exercise. Creatine can increase your training intensity.

With this sporty set, you’re ready for any competition!

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Nach Oben

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