The mountain calls!

Must-haves for walkers

Can you hear the mountain calling? It’s time to load your backpack, lace up your hiking boots and enjoy a beautiful day outdoors. Regular hiking is not just fun, it also boosts your health.

To make these rejuvenating hours in the open air even more enjoyable, ample preparation and the right backpack content are crucial – these things can make or break your hike.

Do your feet some good

Well-groomed feet are robust. If you have sensitive soles, apply our  FRESH foot balm in the evening before your hike for extra skin protection. Rich oils such as sesame, grape seed and macadamia nut oil provide excellent, intensive skincare. Menthol and camphor invigorate exhausted feet. Tea tree oil has an antibacterial function.

Moisturising sun protection

Whatever you do, don’t forget your sunscreen. Especially during hikes, sunburns happen easily – and they can ruin your fun day out in no time. Protecting your skin from damaging UV radiation and dehydration should be your top priority. For maximum protection, we recommend the natural FRESH sunscreen SPF 20. Its added bonus: the anti-aging effect!

A boost of energy

Make sure you consume enough fluids and energy so your hike doesn’t tire you out. Our isotonic drink RINGANA SPORT boost is not just perfect for quenching your thirst, it also contains a variety of carbohydrates such as Cluster Dextrin® and Palatinose™, which provide you with fast and long-lasting energy.

A sustainable water reserve

They should be lightweight, robust and harmless to the body and the environment. The RINGANA SPORT bottle keeps you and your drinks cool for many hours. It consists of high-grade stainless steel and is the ultimate, sustainable alternative to PET, plastic and aluminium bottles. On top of that, it is 100% free from antimony (Sb), DEHA, DEHP, PVC and phthalates. The RINGANA SPORT bottle has an extremely long service life (approx. 110 years) and is extremely hygienic thanks to its lack of interior coating.

A freshness boost on the go

The FRESH cooling spray provides perfect refreshment for your whole body on hot days! Containing extracts from Chinese mint and ginger, it has a pleasantly cooling effect and gets us back in shape in no time. Did you know? The special ingredients contained in our  FRESH cooling spray are extremely unpleasant to mosquitoes, midges and other bitey insects – they’ll simply buzz off 😉

All-round recovery

After a strenuous hike, your body needs extra care to recover. Our thermoactive gel RINGANA SPORT go relaxes your muscles with its sophisticated ingredients: menthol, lemongrass oil, chilli and ginger! The gel first cools you down, then it heats you up – for a pleasant, relaxing sensation after your hike.

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