When the mountains call…

These products should be in every hiking backpack.

As children, we thought hiking with our parents was boring and strenuous. Today hiking is hip because this intense experience of nature is the perfect balance for our digital lifestyles.


Start slowly.

If you go storming up a high mountain without training, you’ll discover your limits pretty quickly. It’s better to start with small hikes first (5–10 km). Hiking in a group is more fun than going it alone, but keep your own pace in mind. Stick to well-marked, safe tracks. When you’re offroad and in steep terrain, hiking sticks will give you greater security.

Tip: If you start feeling tired on your hike, a shot of RINGANAchi__ with ginger and pineapple is a great pick-me-up.



Depending on the terrain, a hiker needs 350 to 550 calories per hour – so only one-third less than a jogger – but hikers are moving for a lot longer. It’s important to take high-quality provisions with you (fruit, dried fruit & nuts, sand­wiches made with wholegrain bread), and to drink enough. You need one litre of liquid for each hour of physical exertion.

Tip: To keep your body performing well on a hike, the isotonic sports drink RINGANA SPORT boost is the ideal choice. It quickly and lastingly replenishes empty energy reserves with carbohydrates and amino acids (e.g. BCCA).



No matter whether it’s sunny, shady or cloudy – if you’re outdoors, you’ll be absorbing UV rays. In the mountains, UV radiation increases with each metre you climb. At 3,000 m, UV intensity is around 50% higher. That’s why sunburn is the “most common injury” for hikers.

Tip: CAPS protect have an antioxidant effect, combatting free radicals that can
also be caused by UV rays. The newly-formulated waterproof FRESH sunscreen
is now even easier to apply; FRESH lip balm protects against chapped lips.

Hiking outfit

If you’re doing more than just a quick walk in the woods, you need to be well kitted-out with sturdy hiking footwear and suitable clothing – ideally layered. A backpack that sits properly will make it easier on your back. And the most important thing to have in your hiking backpack is a well-filled water bottle.

Tip: The RINGANA SPORT BlenderBottle® is water bottle and shaker in one. The new stainless steel drinking bottle holds 820 ml. Thanks to the patented BlenderBall, your RINGANA SPORT boost is mixed perfectly.


Our favourite hiking apps:

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