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New naming

At RINGANA we are constantly on the lookout for new raw materials and formulations – always with the aim of boosting the performance of our products and achieving maximum effect. A happy consequence of this ongoing innovation is that products continue to develop and can therefore be used in new areas as well. In rare cases, this means we need to rethink the product name so that the full spectrum of uses is expressed more clearly.

We have therefore decided, after mature consideration, to rename our RINGANA CAPS sun. In future, they will be marketed under the product name of RINGANA CAPS protect.

RINGANA CAPS protect (formerly CAPS sun) do not only protect against the sun’s rays. UV rays, tobacco smoke, and the blue light radiated by monitors and mobile phones cause stress to our organism. This can lead to the increased formation of free radicals which cause faster aging. RINGANA CAPS protect help to reduce the concentration of oxygen radicals in our cells, so they work kind of like “internal sunglasses”. By giving them this new name, we want to do justice to the product’s broad spectrum of protection.

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