FRESH cream rich

The next product to become available in the new RINGANA glass bottles is the Cream Concentrate 3: as of now, it is renamed FRESH cream rich and shines with a new look!

With its newly designed glass bottles, RINGANA has perfected the bag-in-bottle system. The glass bottle contains a flexible inner bag. The valuable contents are dispensed with a pump so that they don’t come into contact with air. The flexible bag contracts so that you get every last bit of the valuable care product out. The result: even fresher and thus more effective products.

Small difference, big effect.
What is crucial with these new glass bottles is that the inner container is separated from the glass. With classic airless bottles this is not the case. It’s a small difference but it has a big effect because this is the only way to achieve an extremely high recycling rate without ecologically harmful cleaning. RINGANA has already registered a patent for this unique system.

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