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With FRESH stay fresh, RINGANA has once again created an absolute innovation. The gentle foam is the eco-friendly and healthy alternative to moist toilet paper.

We really care about your skin. Our products combine natural substances to create effective fresh skin care, increasing the firmness and elasticity of your skin from top to toe. Now we’ve gone a step further and have developed a completely new product for a particularly sensitive  part of your body.


We use toilet paper ever day. But there’s a hygiene issue: dry paper doesn’t get you 100 % clean. That’s why wet wipes were invented. However, they often contain synthetic ingredients and perfumes that are anything but good for this sensitive area. In addition, most of them are not fully degradable and they also clog up sewage systems.

The gentle cleansing foam FRESH stay fresh transforms any toilet paper into moist toilet paper. FRESH stay fresh is skin-friendly, and it cleans and cares for this sensitive area. The careful selected combination of ingredients hydrates, cools and soothes irritation. The lactic acid it contains ensures that this gentle cleansing foam has a slightly acidic formulation (pH 4.5–5) – perfectly balanced to suit the acidity of the genital area. Prebiotic inulin nourishes the “good skin bacteria” which promotes balanced skin flora.


Fresh stay fresh comes in a pump dispenser. 1–2 pumps give you just the right quantity. Apply the foam to dry toilet paper and use it for final cleaning and care. FRESH stay fresh is a leave-on product which means you don’t need to rinse it off. You can use FRESH stay fresh at home or take it with you as a handy travel companion.


Fresh stay fresh contains nature’s most effective substances and has received organic certification in line with the international COSMOS standard for natural skin care and organic skin care.

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