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What do you call a female superhero without a cape? … Mum 😊 And on 12 May we’ll be celebrating this incredibly fantastic figure. There’s no doubt that mothers are fabulous. Each of us has one of these wonderful women in our lives whom we look up to. So now, whether it’s our mother, granny, sister or aunt – we want to give something back to this truly special woman. And because we know that mothers particularly love skin care products, we’ve come up with a few more Specials. 😉

RINGANA “lipstick”

Although not quite, our very, very Limited Edition FRESH lip balm in a delicate shade of rose is very similar to a lipstick – with an extra plus: ginger gives it a tangy, fresh flavour and, combined with hyaluronic acid, has a natural plumping effect. DPHP, a patented complex of substances, reduces fine lines and provides long-lasting hydration.

Price: € 11.30. 7.70 points. Don’t hang about – this offer is only valid while stocks last!


Spa in the bathroom

What mother doesn’t long for pure relaxation, when she can forget all about the stress of everyday life and really unwind? RINGANA has the perfect gift to help her do that: with our FRESH bath oil lavender, every bathroom is transformed into a private spa. The Special Edition bath towel included with this offer is in the colour of love, making this Special into the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Price: € 33.30. 20.30 points. Offer only valid while stocks list!


A gift of up to 30 euros for Mother’s Day!

No idea what will please your Mum on Mother’s Day? In that case, our RINGANA Voucher Campaign is the perfect answer 🙂 Not only will your mother be happy, but you will be too. Because as of now, when you buy vouchers we’ll give you 10 %* of the value! For example, when you buy a €100 voucher, you’ll get a bonus of €10. If you buy three € 100 vouchers, we’ll even give you a €30 bonus.

FRESH ADDS and FRESH serum campaign

You get a 10% discount on the individual products: FRESH hydro serum, FRESH anti wrinkle serum, FRESH ADDS glow and FRESH ADDS effect. And since serums and ADDS go together like a horse and carriage, we’ll even give you a 15% discount on each set!

*offer valid until 10.05.2019, 9:59 a.m. or as long as stocks last.

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