RINGANA samples: assortment being tidied up!

Regular analysis of our assortment has recently shown us that when it comes to some of our FRESH samples, our customers much prefer the original-size products. We have therefore decided to remove some of our RINGANA samples from the programme.

The following products are affected by this decision:
– RINGANA FRESH lipids sample 5 ml (no longer available)
– RINGANA FRESH tinted moisturiser sample 5 ml (no further production – only available while stocks last)
– RINGANA FRESH moisturiser for men sample 10 ml (no further production – only available while stocks last)

The regular product sizes (RINGANA Structural Lipids 15 ml, Toning Fluid 30 ml and Fluid for Men 50 ml) are of course still available.
Our FRESH sample boxes (light, medium, rich und body) and the FRESH tooth oil sample will remain in stock.

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