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A change for RINGANA’s free giveaways with orders: “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” This quote from the film Forrest Gump will also become very apt from Thursday, 28.11.2019 (10 a.m.) with regard to the free RINGANA giveaways (with orders worth € 100 or more).

While we previously announced which FRESH sample would be included and this information was also displayed during the order process and on the invoice, in future there will be a RINGANA surprise for you. This means that the free giveaway will come from the sample pool (FRESH body milk sample, FRESH hand balm sample, FRESH foot balm sample, FRESH tooth oil sample, FRESH soap sample).


Fresh and sustainable

There are two reasons for this change which are absolutely key at RINGANA: freshness, and our aspiration to operate in as resource-friendly a manner as possible at all times.

Smaller batches of our FRESH samples that have just been freshly made can also enter into distribution. To date, when switching our free giveaways, extra-large batches had to be integrated into our production plan. So Advantage #1 of the new RINGANA surprise for you is greater flexibility which goes hand in hand with more freshness.

Advantage #2: when we manufacture our FRESH soap, for example, it is unavoidable that small quantities of the product are left over. Thanks to our conscientious work in Production, however, these quantities are not sufficient to make a large number of free giveaways to cover a longer period of time. With the new arrangement, these valuable “remainders” will also have a chance to give pleasure in the shape of free giveaways.

Like an example? Right at the beginning of the switchover you might, for instance, receive another FRESH soap pomegranate sample as your RINGANA surprise for you.

Our sliding scale remains the same. There will be one free giveaway (staggered from 1 to max. 5 units) per € 100 spend.

– € 100 to € 199.99 = 1 free giveaway
– € 200 to € 299.99 = 2 free giveaways
– € 300 to € 399.99 = 3 free giveaways
– € 400 to € 499.99 = 4 free giveaways
– for a spend of € 500 and over you will receive 5 free giveaways.

If you are entitled to more than one free giveaway, these will mostly be samples of the same product, as before (e.g. 2 x FRESH body milk sample or 5 x FRESH foot balm sample), for technical reasons.

Promotion valid until further notice.

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