Shake it Baby!

No more lumpy PACK shakes

Thanks to the RINGANA PACK shaker ball. This innovative mixing technique based on the way a whisk works, ensures not only ultra-creamy and residue-free results, but also perfectly solubilises and blends the valuable ingredients.

Here’s how it works: simply mix the given PACK powder with liquid, drop in the RINGANA PACK shaker ball and shake. Your RINGANA PACK is instantly transformed into a creamy smoothie. The RINGANA PACK shaker ball is made from surgical stainless steel and can remain in the bottle until you’ve finished drinking your PACK shake – nothing will rust, nothing will flake off. Afterwards, simply pop it into the dishwasher because, naturally, this little steel ball is dishwasher-safe.

The ingenious RINGANA PACK shaker ball is now available for free with every shaker order (glass and plastic). Our little whirlwind comes packaged in a cotton pouch.

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Nach Oben

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