Starter Set promotion: Business Booster & exclusive Voucher Package


The Business Booster Starter Set contains instructive marketing and information material for all new Partners, so that they can get started as RINGANA Partners straight away. And from 1 September (12:00 noon) we’re adding another bonus as well*:

  • From 1 September 2021, anybody who chooses a career with RINGANA and the Business Booster Starter Set will get a RINGANA Partner webpage** free of charge until the end of the year. The RINGANA Partner page is your personalised online shop in RINGANA look. You can find a summary of all the advantages of a RINGANA Partner page in the document “Vendor page & websites” in Downloads. All info and details of the promotion are shown in the following news article.
  • 8 vouchers worth € 20 each*** for new customers who have never before placed an order with RINGANA.

And best of all: as a mentor, you will receive commission for the redeemed voucher value, while your customer can use the voucher without any minimum spend !

  • 1 voucher for a Business Booster Starter Set worth € 29**** for a new Team Partner. With this voucher, your new team member will receive the Business Booster Starter Set FREE OF CHARGE!


*This offer is valid once only for all individuals who register as a RINGANA Partner from 01.09.2021 (12:00 noon). This promotion is valid until further notice and while stocks last. Promotion only available if new Partners choose the Business Booster Starter Set.
**Promotion valid until further notice and only valid if individual registers via the Business Booster Starter Set.
***Voucher code valid until 30.11.2021. Voucher is exclusively for new customers who are placing their first product order on Voucher does not require a minimum spend, may not be exchanged for cash, may not be used after the expiry date, and may not be combined with other discount vouchers. Voucher may only be used once and is non-transferable. Customer vouchers will lose their validity and will not be accepted by RINGANA in the case of new Partners who have been rejected pursuant to Art. 2.7 of the GT&Cs or those whose Partnership has been revoked pursuant to Art. 2.9.
****Voucher code is valid for all individuals who register as a RINGANA Partner by 31.12.2021. Returning Partners may also avail of this promotion. Promotion only valid where registration is via the Business Booster Starter Set.
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