FRESH sunscreen

Easier to apply. New natural talents. COSMOS-certified natural skin care.


Because RINGANA has set itself the goal of always making the good even better, the FRESH sunscreen SPF 20 has just been given a makeover and it’s now even easier to apply. It still adheres very well to the skin, and can only be washed off with shower gel or soap. That means the sun care is waterproof and you’re still protected when you’re swimming.


The new FRESH sunscreen SPF 20 is a certified natural skin product. It contains only mineral filters such as zinc oxide and titanium oxide. Karanja oil and nigella oil boost protection. Beard lichen extract has a soothing effect on sun-stressed skin.


With Factor 20, the FRESH sunscreen filters out 95 per cent of UV rays. With SPF 50, it would only be three per cent more – or 98 per cent. The increase is not linear. The gain is low in comparison with the necessary increased use of synthetic filters.


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Nach Oben

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