I’m dreaming of a red Christmas

FRESH Christmas
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Hartberg, November 2018. Christmas presents should make people happy but, sadly, their eco-balance often leaves something to be desired. If you choose sustainable christmas presents from RINGANA, you will be doing good not only to others but also to the environment. The Austrian company produces fresh skin care which can dispense with microplastic and artificial additives such as PEGs, mineral oils or preservatives because the products are freshly manufactured and are delivered directly to customers from the factory. In addition, all products are packaged in organic containers made from sugar cane, or in recyclable glass bottles. All RINGANA fresh skin care products are naturally vegan and are not tested on animals.

I’m dreaming of a red Christmas …

The Christmas Specials from the Austrian fresh skin care brand RINGANA are now available. And this time they’re beautifully packaged in red.

FRESH winter care set
with FRESH bath oil lavender, body milk, foot balm + a red organic cotton bath towel, beautifully packaged in a festive paper carton € 84.90 per set. Available from 23.11.2018,

Cold outside, warm inside. Our skin has to go through quite a lot in winter. RINGANA supports your skin with fresh care products – giving it a concentrated boost of natural substances and rich oils.

The natural talents contained in the fresh products of the FRESH winter care sets:

FRESH bath oil lavender 125 ml with organic lavender: This oil care bath is only ever available for a limited period. Its selected oils nourish your skin, while the scent of lavender helps you relax. Simply take a deep breath and dive under.

FRESH body milk 200 ml: The ideal body care in winter and for dry skin. Avocado oil, macadamia nut oil and shea butter strengthen the skin barrier. Your skin becomes more elastic and supple. Bisabolol helps to soothe irritation and tension.

FRESH foot balm 125ml: Sesame, grape seed and macadamia nut oil soften the skin, while menthol and camphor stimulate tired feet. Tea tree oil has an antimicrobial effect.

FRESH soap pomegranate
€ 8.80 (100 g). Available from 30.11.2018.

Pomegranates are simply part of Christmas. That’s why at Christmas a pomegranate version of our hand-made FRESH soap with the ecolabel is now available too – well-wrapped in a red organic cotton hand towel. Thanks to natural plant extracts and valuable, nourishing oils, this FRESH soap is ideal for gentle cleansing from head to toe.

FRESH bath oil lavender
€ 32.30 (125 ml). Available from 30.11.2018.

Oils are so nice to our skin, particularly in winter. Our FRESH bath oil lavender provides the skin with lasting care, while the organic lavender soothes the senses.

Tip: Jump into the bath. When you bathe, you should remember not to stay in the tub for longer than 20 minutes, and the temperature of your bathwater should not exceed 35 °C.

Did you know?
RINGANA deliberately dispenses with plastic from fossil resources in its packaging.
RINGANA products contain no preservatives, which is why many of the classic pots and tubes – which may allow germs to get into the product – cannot be used.

The new packaging is derived from a sustainable resource – sugar cane. Or, to be more precise, it comes from a by-product from sugar cane processing. The upper and lower thirds of the plant contain no sugar, they are pure fibre. That fibre is processed into packaging. What good is that? It produces an organic plastic that possesses the same qualities as conventional polyethylene, and is 100% recyclable in existing recycling streams. In addition, this climate-neutral organic plastic is food-safe and is manufactured in Germany.

Founded in Austria in 1996 by Andreas Wilfinger and Ulla Wannemacher, RINGANA produces fresh, vegan natural skin care products and food supplements whose most notable feature is that they contain only pure substances from nature. All products are sustainably manufactured, are free of animal testing, and contain no toxins. The products are manufactured at the RINGANA Fresh Factory in the Styrian town of Hartberg (Austria) from where they are sent directly to customers. A research team creates complex recipes that rely on antioxidant substances from nature, and use no preservatives and synthetic additives. The company has over 200 employees and achieved turnover of 60 million euros in 2017. Its most popular products include: FRESH tooth oil, FRESH anti wrinkle serum, FRESH ADDS effect and the wake-up drink RINGANAchi__.

All RINGANA products can be conveniently ordered on www.ringana.com

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