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Tooth oil for cleaning your teeth? Yes, it’s possible!

Tooth oil for cleaning your teeth? Yes, it’s possible!  Two scientific application studies have now put RINGANA’s FRESH tooth oil to the test. The result: it significantly reduces plaque and helps to prevent gum inflammation.

The first tooth oil for cleaning teeth and oil-pulling. Its efficacy has now been examined and confirmed in two studies. The dental study showed that,…

in comparison with conventional toothpastes, our FRESH tooth oil can reduce plaque by 60.9 % and gum inflammation by 55.7 %.

Trend: Oil-Pulling

“Oil-pulling” is still a hot trend. New products are popping up every day, but there is only one tooth oil with which you can also clean your teeth: FRESH tooth oil from RINGANA. But does it adequately protect the teeth and gums as well? Two studies conducted dental tests.


For the first study, the tooth oil was used by the test subjects in addition to conventional toothpaste; for the second, it was used instead of conventional toothpaste. In each case the products were used twice daily over a four-week period. Subjects were given a dental examination at the beginning and end of the studies, looking at whether there was more or less plaque, and whether the subjects’ gums were healthier or not.

Effective result

Oral hygiene was assessed on the basis of various indices such as the presence of plaque (microbial tooth deposit) and gingivitis (gum inflammation) whereby the plaque index provided a snapshot of the last cleanings.

In the first study for which FRESH tooth oil was used in addition to toothpaste, the plaque index showed a reduction of 12.1 %, and a decline in gum inflammation of 34.3 %.

In the second study for which only FRESH tooth oil was used instead of toothpaste for oral hygiene, the results were considerably better than for the first study. In this instance, the plaque index showed a reduction of 60.9 %, while gum inflammation was down by 55.7 %. See the results of the clinical application study here. 

Effective tooth care on the basis of oil

Produktbild FRESH tooth oil

RINGANA goes one step further, offering a tooth oil that replaces toothpaste.

FRESH tooth oil comes from the tradition of oil-pulling. To do this, a little oil is moved around the mouth and then spat out. FRESH tooth oil binds bacteria in the oral cavity. RINGANA has gone a step further, providing a tooth oil that replaces toothpaste. Mild cleansing grains clean gently, while a high-quality plant extract from turmeric protects against tooth decay and gum disease.

The first of its kind

The two RINGANA founders, Ulla Wannemacher and Andreas Wilfinger, came up with the idea of tooth oil for cleaning teeth and oil-pulling more than 20 years ago. That product idea was triggered by a toothpaste that their son Michi brought home with him from kindergarten. It made his father, Andreas Wilfinger, take a closer look at exactly what was in a toothpaste. Apart from microplastic and preservatives there were also powerful disinfectants which, in his opinion, should not be anywhere near a child’s mouth. That was when the research for alternatives began.

RINGANA founders: Ulla Wannemacher & Andreas Wilfinger

FRESH tooth oil was launched on the market in 2003, long before oil-pulling became a trend. Today it is the classic among RINGANA’s fresh products. Like all RINGANA products it contains no microplastic, formaldehyde releasers, artificial preservatives or the like. FRESH tooth oil’s market share in the Austrian tooth care market is over 3 % – even though it is not available to buy in retail outlets.

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