Nature meets Hightech

Some companies are simply different. RINGANA – founded in Austria in 1996 by Andreas
Wilfinger and Ulla Wannemacher – manufactures fresh, vegan natural skin care products and food supplements that have always been way ahead of their time, and still are.

Nature meets high-tech: Austrian company RINGANA has revolutionised the skin care and food supplement industry, challenging conventional industry standards with regard to shelf-life, efficacy and sustainability. Now this manufacturer of fresh skin care and food supplements is also conquering the UK market with its high-end concept, presenting its hit products such as FRESH tooth oil, FRESH anti wrinkle serum, FRESH ADDS glow and RINGANAchi__ as well as this year’s innovations including FRESH deodorant and FRESH eye serum.

“We want to do it better”

It all started over 25 years ago when the founders’ son came home from kindergarten with a tube of toothpaste. His parents took a look at the product and noticed that it was full of questionable ingredients that they didn’t believe their child should use. In the case of skin care products too, they constantly came across dubious ingredients. Their wish to “do it better” was the basis for their visionary business idea: fresh and effective skin care that would be made entirely “without”.

The RINGANA freshness concept

Freshness means potential. “Not only are artificial preservatives, mineral oils, solvents, stabilizers, PEGs, parabens, microplastics and the like questionable, most importantly they are irrelevant with regard to the effect,” says founder Andreas Wilfinger. Removing them leaves room for a unique concentration of active ingredients: sensitive highly antioxidant substances which cannot even be used in conventional skin care products can be deployed in high dosages at RINGANA.

Freshness means efficacy. To ensure that these active substances reach our customers as freshly and as quickly as possible, all processes in the areas of procurement, processing, packaging and logistics are optimised. Why is that so important? Andreas Wilfinger: “The reason is almost ironic: that which is best at keeping us young loses its effect fastest.”

Freshness means devotion. To guarantee unique freshness and efficacy, we produce small batches on an ongoing basis – which means no long warehousing or sale in retail outlets. The carefully selected raw ingredients are processed as quickly as possible. To protect the products before they reach our customers’ skin, new containers were specially developed and designed. “Only in this way can the premium active ingredients in our highly complex formulations be conserved in a natural way, and positive synergy effects be created,” Wilfinger says.


Overview of the RINGANA product categories

FRESH: certified fresh skin, hair and tooth care products.
DRINKS: drinks for more power, inner balance and a figure-conscious lifestyle.
PACKS: powdered plant power in portion-size sachets for daily use.
CAPS: powdered plant power in capsule form for any situation in life.
SPORT: fitness food (anti-doping tested) and care for optimum performance.

The RINGANA product range currently takes in 53 products – all 53 are fresh, vegan (apart from PACK d-etry) and are free of artificial additives and fragrances.

For the sake of the environment

RINGANA is also dedicated to sustainability down to the tiniest detail. That means none of our products contain microplastic or any other substances harmful to the environment or to health. Skin care products are largely contained in glass (recyclable) bottles or organic plastic derived from sugar cane, and are wrapped in an organic cotton hand towel rather than cardboard. Packages are fastened with a paper adhesive tape and the fill material is made of maize. The RINGANA “Fresh Factory” is also CO2-neutral: solar collectors spread across 950 square metres provide electricity, fresh water is treated and reused. The company has already received several awards for its efforts in this area. As Ulla Wannemacher points out: “Conserving resources and preserving a liveable environment are top priorities for RINGANA. After all, nature itself is the starting point of our work and everything we believe in.”

An Austrian success story

The products are manufactured in the Styrian town of Hartberg. Following their high-tech manufacture, the untreated products are shipped directly at top speed from the RINGANA “Fresh Factory” to customers all over the world. The company employs over 200 people and will generate turnover of 80 million euros this year. Numerous international awards and reorder rates of 70 per cent for first-time
customers prove that the company is on the right track.

Pure ingredients. Genuine effect.

For over 22 years RINGANA has been using pure substances from nature to produce fresh skin care and food supplements. They are sustainable, free of toxins and made without animal testing – all those qualities that are seen today as modern values have always been enshrined in RINGANA’s corporate philosophy.

RINGANA sets great store by using highly potent, antioxidant substances from nature, and avoiding the use of preservatives and any synthetic additives. So one could say that RINGANA is in fact even enhancing natural skin care. All RINGANA products are devised by a 14-person research team; the complex formulations are lovingly crafted into products at the Fresh Factory in Hartberg (Austria) and shipped directly to our customers.


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