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Ringana Complete
Nutritious Meals For Busy Days




RINGANA COMPLETE d-eat is a complete meal that provides your body with all the essential nutrients and has few calories. It helps to reduce weight and stocks up your nutrient depot in a natural way.

Natural talents
The complete meal replacement with only 200 kcal

Smart combination of natural proteins from wholegrain rice, linseed, sunflower seeds and peas with the ideal amino acid profile and optimum bioavailability.

Minimal carbohydrates from rice and active ballast substances from guar beans and citrus fibre help you to tackle life’s daily challenges.

Omega-3 fatty acids from microalga, linseed oil and Omega-6 fatty acids from thistle oil create the perfect fatty acid profile.

A full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances from natural sources provides the body with all of the important micronutrients.

Flexible like your lifestyle
Save time
Out and about
Balanced nutrition
Lose weight
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    Rip it.
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    Pour it.
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    Shake it.
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    Drink it.
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So simple

Dilute contents of one sachet with at least 300ml of water and drink.

The smarter food choice
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Don’t feel like cooking? Looking for an effective product to help lose weight? Vegan RINGANA COMPLETE d-eat offers the perfect solution for all those challenges. It is a complete meal that can be prepared quickly and easily, supplies the body with all essential nutrients, and has few calories.

Vegan meal replacement for weight control.
A powder for making shakes.


25.6 % protein concentrate from brown rice, sunflower seed protein powder, pea protein isolate, rice powder (dried rice syrup, rice starch, rice flour), coconut milk powder, 3.4 % safflower oil powder, enzymatically fermented guar gum, citrus fibre, linseed flour (partly de-oiled), potassium citrate, linseed oil powder, coconut water powder, oil from the microalgae Schizochytrium sp., Lithothamnium calcareum algae powder, magnesium citrate, quinoa sprout powder, sea salt, choline bitartrate, Ascophyllum nodosum algae powder, rice bran extract, β carotene from Dunaliella salina algae extract, buckwheat germ powder, mushroom powder, Vitamin K2 (menaquinone-7 from Bacillus subtilis natto ferment), selenium-enriched yeast.


Nutritional information per sachet % NRV° per sachet per 100 g

840 kJ

200 kcal

1680 kJ

400 kcal


of which saturates

5 g

1.8 g

11 g

3.7 g


of which sugars

11 g

2.6 g

22 g

5.2 g

Fibre 6 g 12 g
Protein 21 g 42 g
Salt 0.43 g 0.86g
Vitamin A as a retinol equivalent consisting of β carotene from Dunaliella salina algae extract 264 µg 33 528 µg
Vitamin B1 (thiamin)
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)
Pantothenic acid
Vitamin B6
Folic acid (in the form of folate)
Vitamin B12
     from quinoa sprout powder**

0.6 mg
0.49 mg
6.5 mg
26 mg
0.5 mg
120 µg
20 µg
1.1 µg


1.2 mg
0.98 mg
13 mg
5.2 mg
1.0 mg
240 µg
40 µg
2.1 µg

Vitamin C from natural sources 45 mg 56 90 mg
Vitamin D2 from mushroom powder 2.0 µg 40 4.0 µg
Vitamin E (tocopherols and tocotrienols)
as α-TE from rice bran extract
4.8 mg 40 9.6 mg
Vitamin K2 (menaquinone-7) from Bacillus subtilis natto ferment
26 µg 34 51 µg
Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids
Linolenic acid (LA) from safflower oil powder 1200 mg 2400 mg
α-Linolenic acid (ALA) from linseed oil powder 300 mg 600 mg
Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) from the oil of the microalgae Schizochytrium sp. 100 mg 200 mg
Calcium from Lithothamnium calcareum algae powder** 264 mg 33 528 mg
Magnesium from magnesium citrate and sunflower seed protein powder** 139 mg 37 278 mg
Potassium from potassium citrate and sunflower seed protein powder** 600 mg 30 1200 mg
     from natural sources

265 mg
231 mg
4,8 mg
3.3 mg
650 µg
1.0 mg
18 μg
33 μg
0.17 g


530 mg
462 mg
9.5 mg
6.6 mg
1300 μg
2.0 mg
36 μg
66 μg
0.35 g

Iodine from Ascophyllum nodosum algae powder 63 µg 42 126 µg
Amino acids profile per sachet per 100 g per 100 g protein
Aspartic acid/asparagine
Glutamic acid/glutamine
     from natural sources
0.97 g
1.70 g
1.87 g
0.53 g
3.64 g
0.85 g
0.50 g
0.84 g
1.63 g
0.93 g
0.36 g
1.04 g
0.78 g
0.95 g
0.75 g
0.24 g
0.89 g
1.13 g

1.93 g
3.40 g
3.74 g
1.07 g
7.28 g
1.70 g
1.00 g
1.68 g
3.25 g
1.86 g
0.72 g
2.09 g
1.57 g
1.89 g
1.50 g
0.47 g
1.78 g
2.27 g

4.73 g
8.32 g
9.16 g
2.61 g
17.82 g
4.16 g
2.44 g
4.11 g
7.97 g
4.56 g
1.77 g
5.12 g
3.83 g
4.63 g
3.68 g
1.16 g
4.35 g
5.56 g

Other ingredients per sachet per 100 g
Choline from VitaCholineTM choline bitartrate 83.0 mg 166.0 mg

VitaCholineTM is a brand of Balchem Corporation.

° % NRV = % nutrient reference value according to the Food Information Regulation (EU)
**and other natural sources

V 1.2

A product’s ingredients may change over the course of time. If you want to know for sure what a product contains, the respective product packaging provides a list of ingredients.

Smart combination of natural proteins from wholegrain rice, linseed, sunflower seeds and peas with the ideal amino acid profile and optimum bioavailability. Omega-3 fatty acids from microalga, linseed oil and Omega-6 fatty acids from thistle oil create the perfect fatty acid profile. Carbohydrates from rice and active ballast substances from guar beans and citrus fibre help you to tackle life’s daily challenges. A broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals from natural sources provides the body with all the important micronutrients it needs. 

The ingenious composition and the low calorie count of this meal replacement contribute to weight loss and help with the long-term maintenance of your ideal weight.*

* Adequate liquid intake is important. A meal replacement for the purpose of weight maintenance can only work as part of a low-calorie diet which necessarily includes the consumption of other foods.


One to two times daily, dilute the contents of one sachet with min. 300 ml water and drink. For optimal results, use the RINGANA Glass Shaker. Enjoy RINGANA COMPLETE d-eat as part of a balanced and varied diet. It is important to ensure adequate fluid intake (approx. 2–3 litres of calorie-free drinks/day) as well as regular physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

Substituting one of the main daily meals of an energy restricted diet with a meal replacement contributes to the maintenance of weight after weight loss. Substituting two of the main daily meals of an energy restricted diet with meal replacements contributes to weight loss.


The product is designed for adults and should be stored out of the reach of young children.

RINGANA COMPLETE d-eat is not a medicinal product, and is not intended to replace consultations with your doctor. RINGANA COMPLETE d-eat is not intended to treat or cure diseases. If you are taking prescribed medication, suffer from health problems, or are breastfeeding or pregnant, consult your doctor before taking RINGANA COMPLETE d-eat.

Meal replacements for weight control are only effective as part of a low-calorie diet, which necessarily also includes other foods.

Sachets may not be passed on to others.

The product should be stored in a dry, cool pace, not exceeding 25 °C.


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

  • How does the RINGANA weight loss programme work with COMPLETE d-eat?

    COMPLETE d-eat is a meal replacement as part of a weight-controlling diet. Replacing two of your daily main meals as part of a low-calorie diet with this kind of meal replacement is proven to help with weight loss. The RINGANA weight loss programme with COMPLETE d-eat consists of three phases – weight loss, stabilisation and maintenance. For further infomation click here. ->

  • Can I mix COMPLETE d-eat with other foods?

    Feel free to pep up your COMPLETE d-eat shake and adjust it to suit your taste. But if you want to lose weight, remember that you cannot add more than 50 kcal to your shake.

  • If I want to lose weight, what does the ideal balanced meal look like?

    During the first two phases (weight loss and stabilisation), you eat one or two healthy, balanced meals per day. The Healthy Eating Plate from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health shows you the ideal composition of this main meal.

    The Healthy Plate should consist mostly of fruit and vegetables – taking up ½ of the Healthy Plate: in this regard, pay attention to colour and variety. Because of their unfavourable effect on blood sugar levels, the Healthy Plate does not count potatoes as vegetables.

    Choose wholegrain products – ¼ of the Healthy Plate: wholegrain cereals – wholegrain wheat, barley, quinoa, oats, brown rice and wholegrain products such as wholegrain noodles – have a milder effect on blood sugar levels and insulin compared with white bread, white rice and other heavily processed grain products.

    Proteins – ¼ of the Healthy Plate: tofu, seitan, pulses (chickpeas, beans, lentils) and nuts are healthy, versatile sources of protein. Good to know: Most people automatically think of meat when it comes to protein. However, many plants and fungi also contain a significant amount of protein. Elephants, giraffes and gorillas “only” eat plants – but that doesn’t seem to have a negative effect on their muscles. In addition, animal protein has the disadvantage that it goes hand in hand with increased blood pressure, higher cholesterol and the risk of diabetes. Most preventive and therapeutic concepts recommend a largely plant-based diet.

  • What other factors must I bear in mind if I want to lose weight?

    Beware of snacking. A chocolate here, an orange juice there, and there are always some nuts lying around. If you don’t take a break from eating between meals, you won’t be able to lose weight. The reason for this is that Every time you consume food that contains calories, insulin is produced, and this prevents fat burning . Only when your insulin levels are normal again can the fat melt away. So you should leave a gap of at least 4 hours between meals. And the longer the break, the better the results.

    Gentle preparation. Most importantly, avoid baking and deep-frying. Cook food for as long as necessary and for as little as possible, and use only a little, good fat. It’s better to use vegetable oils, and watch out for hidden fats. There is often “invisible” fat in processed foods such as sausage, baked goods, sweets, fast food and ready meals.

    Avoid sugar and salt. Sugar, sweetened foods and beverages are not recommended. Use sugar sparingly. When seasoning, be creative with herbs and spices, and cut down on the salt.

    Tip: Sweetened foods and drinks often make you hungry again straight after you’ve consumed them. Try to avoid consuming anything sweet before COMPLETE d-eat. That way you’ll feel more satisfied.

    Adequate fluid intake is important. Drink 2–3 litres a day – ideally water or some other calorie-free beverage such as unsweetened tea. Beverages sweetened with sugar, alcoholic drinks or “light/zero“- drinks are not recommended.

    Eat awarely. Really take time for your meals and concentrate on them completely. This applies both to COMPLETE d-eat and to your regular meals.

    Tip: Muesli in the morning, a sandwich at lunch time, fruit in between, and a serving of pasta in the evening… If you want to achieve your ideal weight, you should be aware of what exactly you are consuming day by day. The best way of doing that is by keeping a diet journal which starts on page 12. ->

    Active daily life. A balanced diet and physical activity go hand in hand. And it isn’t only regular sport that’s helpful – you should also cultivate an active lifestyle – by walking more often, say, climbing stairs, or cycling.

  • How do I maintain my ideal weight once I’ve achieved it?

    A great way of maintaining your weight over the long term is d-eat Day. The principle is really simple: On one weekday of your choice you replace 2 of your meals with COMPLETE d-eat, and eat one normal balanced meal. On the other 6 days you can just eat as usual. This “leap day” not only helps to maintain your weight over the long term, it also offers numerous psychological benefits. If used over the long term, the d-eat Day is a helpful tool for self-control and staying motivated.

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