FRESH skin care set rich

Basic care set for dry skin

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Your Fresh skin care set consists of two cleansing and two care products to suit your skin type and condition. The perfect basic care programme for daily beauty and wellbeing. For each care set, RINGANA will give you an organic cotton hand towel – the perfect Fresh gift for yourself or someone else.

Lieferbar in 1-5 Tagen

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Good to know

When you’re young, the first commandment is to prevent premature skin aging. Important: don’t forget to thoroughly cleanse and moisturise your neck and cleavage every day.

FRESH cleanser:  This cleansing milk removes dirt and make-up gently and thoroughly. FRESH tonic calm: This mild plant tonic is particularly suitable for sensitive skin that tends to irritation. FRESH cream rich: The rich texture nourishes dry skin, giving it an intensive supply of plant oils.FRESH anti wrinkle serum: This highly-concentrated serum boosts the skin, correcting and smoothing wrinkles.


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