FRESH wash care set

Basis care set for body hygiene

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The set consists of FRESH body wash, FRESH shampoo, FRESH deodorant, FRESH tooth oil and FRESH stay fresh. To go with this body care set, RINGANA will give you a free organic cotton towel (approx. 70 cm x 140 cm). It’s the perfect fresh gift for yourself and for others.

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Thanks to the pump airless dispenser, our new FRESH deodorant is extremely hygienic. Classic cream-based deodorants are usually filled into pots which means that germs can easily get in – that can’t happen with our FRESH deodorant.

The FRESH wash care set will give you a fresh body feel and contains everything you need for hair care and body hygiene. FRESH body wash: Cleanses the body thoroughly, moistures and refreshes. FRESH shampoo: Cleans the hair gently and gives it a beautiful natural sheen. FRESH deodorant: Protects against body odour entirely without questionable aluminium salts, and promotes the skin’s natural sweat-regulating function. FRESH tooth oil: effective oil-based tooth care derived from the tradition of oil-pulling. FRESH stay fresh: This gentle cleansing foam transforms any toilet paper into moist toilet paper. To go with this set, RINGANA will give you a free organic cotton towel (approx. 70 cm x 140 cm).

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